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Welcome to Feral Publications web page. Feral Publication is a zine making, zine enthusiast, hub. The aim of Feral Publication is to make and support radical art.
We make art that empowers marginalized groups, that is working class humor, and that is first hand accounts from a workers perspective. This matters cause change is cultural, and until we build a culture that rejects the consumerist capitalist ideology we will maintain the system that oppress and creates disunity.
We are a resource for artist to use, Feral Publication has a large following on different social media outlets and would love to promote, and review the art. We also have many how to, so any questions that you might have please ask!
Lastly, please support and help build the community. You can do this by many ways:
1. subscribing to our YouTube channel
2. getting yourself some merch
3. spreading the word

Please send any zines, or materials for review to:

Feral Publication

PO  Box  3 2 8 1

Sonora,  CA  95370

Guess what, we also like to send free zines! We send you the PDF and all you gots to do is print it when you can. Go a head and sign up with an email. We send mini-zines. One pagers, and hope you like and share.



Or you could also check out our etsy shop and purchase some of the Radical zines, radical buttons, and radical shirts we make.


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