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Feral Publication is a one man project. It is the way that I, Richard Larios, share my art. I use my art as a way to defuse the tension and pressure that I always feel. It is also a way that I empower myself. Creating stories that have people of color as heroes, and worlds that are truer to the ones that I know.


It is also a way of building community. Zines are by their nature political. They go outside the mainstream and give a perspective that would other wise go unseen/unheard. So this is also a political act that allows me to tap into my anarchist principle and lifestyle;e that I would other wise have no outlet for.


Things Feral Publication Does:


1. Zine Reviews

If you’d like to see your zines, films, music, or whatever underground art that you create talked about on YouTube, promoted through my social media outlets please hit me up. Send whatever you want to PO Box 3281 Sonora CA 95370

2. Donations


I love donating to zinefest, when I can I send money, but mostly it’s zines to give away. I also donate to zine shops. No consignment free zines.

3. Create


I make zines, youtube videos, short film, shirts, buttons, stickers and am writing my first book that I hope to release soon.


The Aim of Feral Publication has always been to empower marginalized groups through the promotion of radical art, and dis-empower the mainstream narrative by promoting and spreading that same radical art. 


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